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A revolutionary treatment for the dramatic reduction of facial hair appearance and growth…

Large Wax Strips


Gentle on sensitive skin…

Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion


Marzena’s fast acting hair remover lotion is designed especially for your face, bikini line, and underarms..

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The strips are very easy to use, and there is no need to faff around with applying wax and then applying the strips … Read more here ›
CassandraMyee Sensitive Wax Strips
It was about time to get those legs looking Summer ready. Let’s be serious though, shaving your legs has to be one of the most tedious things to do, so we thought we’d try a couple of other methods and see how they stack up … Read more here ›
Makeupper Large Sensitive Wax Strips and Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion
Oooh this would be perfect for summer. I just tried a hair removal cream for the first time last week! It was Marzena sensitive hair remover lotion. And it was fantastic!! I’m hooked on getting rid of the razor for good and having silky smooth legs all the time
FB Review Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion
The new Sensitive Hair Removal Lotion is amazing! The one thing that usually puts me off about hair removal creams is the smell and the dry feeling they leave on your skin. This one however has a pleasant summery scent and is full of vitamin E and aloe vera which left my skin super soft and hydrated…. Read more here ›
Lydia Micha Sensitive Hair Remover lotion
Marzena have also created new Large Wax Strips for sensitive skin. I tried these out on pretty short leg hair. I wanted to see if they worked on shorter lengths as obviously in the summer no one wants to be growing out their leg hair for weeks! These strips are incredible…. Read more here ›
Lydia Micha Large Wax Strips
So there you have it, a new, and quick alternative to shaving. No more ridiculously expensive blades that cost more than a new razor, no more cuts, and ingrown hairs. Since trying it, I am completely converted and I will NEVER shave again… Read more here ›
NewMumClub Sensitive Hair Remover lotion
This weekend I waxed my legs using Marzena wax strips and was surprised how easy it was. Read more here ›