10 reasons you should be waxing instead of shaving

Waxing vs Shaving – the debate rages on. You might think shaving is the best solution because you can do it in the shower at home instead of paying for a salon visit. But that’s no longer the case. You can get salon-smooth legs without the cost thanks to our home wax kits.

Here are our top ten reasons why you should try waxing today!

1. Waxing lasts longer

Instead of having to shave your legs every few days, one wax will last you 4-6 weeks.

2. Less skin irritation

If your skin is sensitive, shaving can cause rashes, which can be extremely painful. And imagine, every few days having to rake a blade over the irritated area! With waxing, there’s less chance of long-lasting skin irritation. Marzena wax strips also include Green Tea extract to help soothe and moisturise skin after waxing.

3. Hair grows back slower

Many people find that regular waxing discourages hair growth, and your hair will grow back more slowly, and be much finer than before.

4. No cuts or nicks

If you’ve ever cut yourself while shaving, you know how much it hurts – especially if it’s in a particularly intimate area. Waxing won’t cut your skin, so you have no risk of long-term scars.

5. Stop the itch

Don’t you hate how your shaving stubble rubs against your clothes and itches like crazy? Isn’t it especially bad when it’s in an area you just can’t itch? With waxing, you don’t have this problem, because the wax yanks the hair out at the root instead of cutting it off with a square tip (which is what causes the stubble).

6. Get it done

Once you learn the ropes, waxing is just as fast as shaving. And, because you only have to do it every 4-6 weeks, you’ll be spending less time dealing with unwanted hair and more time out living your life.

7. Less ingrown hairs

With waxing, you have less chance of experiencing ongoing irritation and ingrown hairs.

8. Do it at home

With a Marzana home wax kit, you don’t have to spend hours at a salon to get those smooth legs. Waxing at home means you can do some last minute hair removal before a date or a big night out.

9. No more stubble

Stubble is caused by the tip of the hair being lopped off by the razer. This leaves a square end that feels rough when touched. Because waxing pulls hairs out from the root, a new hair with a fine tip will grow back in its place, meaning that as your hair grows back, it won’t feel coarse and stubbly. How cool is that?

10. Painful? Not so much

Too many people are scared to try waxing because they think it’s going to be painful. But if you’ve ever cut yourself shaving, you’ll know that can be pretty painful, too! Once you learn the technique, waxing isn’t nearly as painful as you expect, and some people reckon it doesn’t hurt at all.

There are so many benefits to waxing over shaving. Isn’t it about time you discovered for yourself? Try Marzena today!