6 tips for removing underarm hair

Summer is coming, which means it’s time to break out your favourite sleeveless tops. If you’re afraid of lifting your arms because of the jungle growing under there, then it might be time for an underarm intervention.

You could shave your underarms, but who wants the stubble and scratchy shaving rash? There are far better solutions out there.

Tip 1: Try hair removal cream

Hair removal creams – such as Marzena’s Shower Smooth Hair Removal Cream – are a great solution for underarm hair. They’re a quick, painless way to get hair-free and keep your skin smooth and moisturised.

Tip 2: When waxing, try different directions

Unlike hair on your legs, which grows in the same direction, underarm hair grows in multiple directions. If you’re going to wax your underarms, lay the wax strips in different directions in order to get the majority of the hair. After practising a few times you’ll begin to understand where your hair grows.

Tip 3: Perform a patch test

Before using your Marzena wax or hair removal cream, make sure you test it on a patch of skin first. If you have a bad reaction to the wax it will make your underarms very uncomfortable. You should do the patch-test 24 hours before you start the full hair removal.

Tip 4: Follow the instructions

It sounds too simple to need saying, but too many people try to shortcut their hair removal and are upset when they don’t get the results they want. Make sure you follow all the steps in the instructions and obey the timing requirements for each method.

Tip 5: Don’t be afraid to cut the strips

We offer wax strips in different sizes, but you may prefer to buy the standard size and cut them down to make them easier to use on your underarms.

Tip 6: Exfoliation is key 

Ingrown hairs are terribly irritating, and they’re even worse when they’re in your underarms. To help avoid ingrown hairs, exfoliate your skin 24 hours before you wax or use hair removal cream. Wearing loose clothing for 24 hours after you’ve removed the hair will also help avoid ingrown hairs.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful for getting smooth, beautiful underarms, just in time for summer. Ready to get started? Try MARZENA today.