for longer lasting smooth skin.
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  • Marzena Body Hair Inhibitor Serum Contents

    Body Hair Inhibitor Serum


    Using the serum regularly can dramatically reduce the re-appearance of body/facial hair and prolong the time between waxing treatments.

  • Cotton Strips 25s


    100% cotton, cut to perfect sizing for the Liquid Wax & Brazilian Salon Wax.

  • Facial Wax Strips 24’s


    Convenient pre-waxed mini strips

  • Hair Lightener 64g


    Lightens even the darkest hair to blend with the skin’s natural complextion.

  • Marzena Hair Remover Cream

    Hair Remover Cream 170g


    A fast working formula, which is simple to use and effective, especially on the legs & arms.

  • Large Wax Strips

    Large Wax Strips 20’s


    Convenient pre-waxed large strips

  • Liquid Wax 355g


    A pliable liquid wax made from sugar cane – water soluble for easy cleaning.

  • No More Facial Hair Treatment 30ml


    A break-through in the long term reduction of facial hair.

  • Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion
    Out of stock

    Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion 170g


    A fast working formula, which is simple to use and effective, especially for face, bikini, underarm & sensitive areas.

  • Shower Smooth Cream 170g


    A NEW water compatible cream you can apply in the shower.

  • Zeno Hair Remover Lotion


    Zeno’s fast formula for men is designed especially for your chest, arms, legs and back.

  • Zeno Polishing Gel


    This polishing gel accentuates muscle definition and natural body contours. It exfoliates, cleanses, and moisturizes the skin leaving a smooth and polished finish.

  • Zeno Wax Strips


    Zeno’s Men’s Large Wax Strips offer you the easiest way to quickly and effectively remove unwanted hair from your chest, back, body, and legs within seconds.