The strips are very easy to use, and there is no need to faff around with applying wax and then applying the strips … Read more here ›
CassandraMyee Sensitive Wax Strips
It was about time to get those legs looking Summer ready. Let’s be serious though, shaving your legs has to be one of the most tedious things to do, so we thought we’d try a couple of other methods and see how they stack up … Read more here ›
Makeupper Large Sensitive Wax Strips and Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion
Oooh this would be perfect for summer. I just tried a hair removal cream for the first time last week! It was Marzena sensitive hair remover lotion. And it was fantastic!! I’m hooked on getting rid of the razor for good and having silky smooth legs all the time
FB Review Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion
The new Sensitive Hair Removal Lotion is amazing! The one thing that usually puts me off about hair removal creams is the smell and the dry feeling they leave on your skin. This one however has a pleasant summery scent and is full of vitamin E and aloe vera which left my skin super soft and hydrated…. Read more here ›
Lydia Micha Sensitive Hair Remover lotion
Marzena have also created new Large Wax Strips for sensitive skin. I tried these out on pretty short leg hair. I wanted to see if they worked on shorter lengths as obviously in the summer no one wants to be growing out their leg hair for weeks! These strips are incredible…. Read more here ›
Lydia Micha Large Wax Strips
So there you have it, a new, and quick alternative to shaving. No more ridiculously expensive blades that cost more than a new razor, no more cuts, and ingrown hairs. Since trying it, I am completely converted and I will NEVER shave again… Read more here ›
NewMumClub Sensitive Hair Remover lotion
This weekend I waxed my legs using Marzena wax strips and was surprised how easy it was. Read more here ›
I trialled it (Marzena Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion) on my bikini line last night, and it was suuuuuuuuper easy.   Read more here ›
“Beauty “Marzena
Marzena wax strips are simply the best! Unfortunately, Marzena products are not widely available here in Alaska so I tried all the competitor’s products. None of them worked as well as Marzena products.  For many years I would look for and purchase a large supply of Marzena wax strips while on vacation. I am glad I have now found your website and am able to order your products online.  Thanks for a great product!
Cyndie Wolfe Alaska

Totally impressed! I have seriously sensitive skin (have never found a hair removal lotion that I can use) so I was very wary when testing this. I did a patch test on my neck and behind my knee and when nothing happened decided to give it a go on my face. And wow – it worked, with no redness, soreness or rash. I definitely know what I’m buying for hair removal in the future. I used the wax strips on my legs and they were really easy to use as well as being economical – I got 6 goes out of some of them. Again, very impressed. I really appreciate that the products are cruelty free and natural, something that I always consider when purchasing health and beauty products. 5 stars without doubt – thanks for giving me the chance to try these products.
Joanne USA

Gwen Bridges
I love when I use the hair removal lotion not only over the years do I only have to use it twice a week, but it also helps to keep my skin soft.
Gwen Bridges Magdala SA

Congrats on a simply wonderful product. I have been a waxer for many years, it has an aromatherapy enriched scent which made the occasion much more pleasant. It only took 3 strips to finish my legs. That was amazing.
Raga Heckenberg NSW

Margarita Solano
My name is Margarita Solano I live in Houston Texas. I’ve been using Marzena ( hair removal lotion)for over 10 years it’s the best product by far. It’s safe to use the lotion doesn’t leave any bumps or irritation after use. I would highly recommend this product to friends/ family.
Margarita Solano Houston, Texas

Nicole Shanahan
I write to congratulate you on a simply wonderful product. I have been a waxer for many years and for some reason (I cannot fathom why) I started experimenting with other products on the market.
Then, I began attending beauty salons for my waxing needs. The results and costs of these experiences were not pleasing in the slightest, so I returned to your product.

I at first noticed the ‘aromatherapy enriched’ scent which made the occasion much more pleasant. I was also astounded to need only 3 wax strips (for my lower legs) when previously a full 10 pack had hardly been sufficient for a thorough job.

Again, congratulations on this fantastic product. I will be a very happy return customer. The price is right and the product is effective (or is it my imagination, or do the strips now get stickier with use, rather than less so). I have written to other companies in disgust when their strips literally didn’t even stick to my leg, so it is my pleasure to write an affirmative letter after such a positive experience.
Nicole Shanahan USA


Large Wax Strips for Legs and Body: The large pre-waxed strips make hair removal over larger areas such as legs and body really easy to do. The wax is coated in a thin layer on a transparent wax strip. It is designed to allow you to see what you’re doing. One of the best features of this product is it’s cost effectiveness- each strip is designed to be used up to 6 times and strips come in a box of 20 which means you can get multiple uses out of a single box.

Mini Wax Strips for Bikini/Face/Underarm The mini strips are designed for smaller, harder to reach areas on the body such as face, underarms and bikini line. The strips are cut to a perfect size for these difficult areas which means hair removal is really easy and not at all messy. Brazilian Salon Wax: So gentle and yet removes all of the hair. Best of all it is water soluble making cleaning up so easy. Face & Body Hair Lightener: The smell isn’t overpowering like some other bleaches, it’s minimal mess and really easy to apply. I found it didn’t hurt sensitive skin on the face (for example, the upper lip). Great alternative to shaving or waxing.

Sensitive Hair Remover Lotion Works without feeling a thing. It was fast, easy to use and removed all my hair. Best of all the smell was minimal. No problems with skin reacting to the product (another big plus). It does what it says with minimal effort and fuss. Just great! Overall a big thumbs up for the brand.

Kirsten114 Hastings VIC

Carolyn Bock
I have coarse, dark, difficult-to-remove hair. For years I used painful electric-coildepilation, with poor results. A few years ago, I discovered your Genuine Wax Strips and was amazed to get such long-lasting results so simply & painlessly! My local distributor (WalMart) stopped carrying Genuine Wax Strips a year ago, and the succession of poor imitations they stock keep getting WORSE – I’d be better off trying to wax with peanut butter! Despite my requests, the Strips have not returned to the shelf, so now I’m shopping Marzena on-line, and I’m no longer a slave to my razor! Thanks for a great product that does what it claims!
Carolyn Bock USA

Jodi Wilkins
I purchased your Natural Wax Strips last weekend, and would like to tell you how impressed I was with your product. I was using Nad’s Body Gel, but it just doesn’t compare to your strips, because there is no preparation involved with them except for having clean skin. All you do is put them on and pull them off. They certainly save a lot of time and because the wax is already on the strips, it ensures even distribution. I would like to say thanks for a great product and keep up the good work!
Jodi Wilkins USA

Christina Angelo
This is just a big thank you because I have just used your depilatory cream for my legs and they are just beautiful, the cream is wonderful to put on very smooth and extremely gentle to remove. My legs feel so great that I just had to tell you, this is the first time I have used this product one tends to use the same product but I decided to try something new, so thank you, I shall let all my friends know of your wonderful product.
Christina Angelo USA

I loved the salon wax, hair remover lotion and hair lightener. Instructions were easy to follow and I got great results. I was so happy with the results, there was no horrible smell and very little mess to clean up. I’ll definitely use the hair remover lotion again!
Emily Mount Evelyn VIC

Carolyn Dehoney
I wanted to let you know that finally, at the age of 38, I have found the hair removal product of my dreams! I have not stopped talking about it and I am going to the store where I bought it to buy out their stock of it! The Hair Remover Lotion with inhibitor is truly incredible. Thanks so much for making this product.
Carolyn Dehoney USA

Heather Stockdale
I have been genetically cursed with severe facial hair. For years I tried different products with no results, finally I gave up and began shaving. This of course became a daily event causing darker courser hair to grow in. I discovered your Hair Remover Lotion less than a month ago, and am pleased to share that not only does it work to succesfully remove the hair, but the inhibitor has dramatically reduced the regrowth! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Heather Stockdale USA